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About me

Professional Organizer
Time Management Consultant

How did I become a Professional Organizer after a successful 30-year career in the medical field, being a busy mom to two incredible boys, and the wife of a talented man? My journey wasn't always smooth. I faced depression, a challenging divorce, unemployment, and homelessness with a young child. However, I managed to change my life by eliminating the noise, ignoring others' opinions, and listening to my heart. I discovered hidden gifts and talents that can only be found with a clear mind and an open heart.


Through my career, I developed skills in financial management and business operations, allowing me to rise in the medical field and teach others. However, I soon realized that my true passion was helping people become more productive and overcome obstacles. I took a leap of faith, leaving the corporate world to pursue my calling. I founded Clear and Hear, a service that focuses on clearing the noise and hearing the vision.


Clearing the noise involves eliminating clutter, distractions, perfectionism, procrastination, and negativity. By doing so, one can hear the beat of their heart and see their true vision. I understand that each person and business has unique circumstances and learning styles. That's why I prioritize building a trusting and confidential relationship with my clients.


I am confident in my ability to help you reach your goals. Whether it's achieving financial freedom, quality family time, or personal growth, I can assist you in finding order, peace, and purpose. Contact me at the provided phone number or email address. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey.


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