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About me

Professional Organizer
Time Management Consultant

How did I become a Professional Organizer when I was a successful medical executive for over 30 years, a busy mom of two amazing boys (28yr and 13yr old), and the wife of an incredibly talented man? I wasn’t always successful. I battled through depression, four years of a contested divorce, unemployed and homeless with a toddler, single parent for ten years, and made bad choices throughout my life! 

What changed? I got rid of the noise. I stopped listening to the lies and what others thought of me. Instead, I started to listen to my heart and sought help from the One who created me to be unique. I had gifts and talents I didn’t know I had. But, you can only find them when your mind is clear and when your heart is open!

I was blessed to steadily move up in my career, build skill sets, grow into executive roles and then be able to teach others how to do it for themselves! I loved working in the medical field and was very good at managing the financial and business affairs of 14 Pediatricians.  I had learned to increase productivity, work more efficiently and improve business processes. Over time, I realized I had spent most of my life seeking order, peace, and purpose! The trials I went through helped me develop the skill sets I possess. That enabled me to have financial freedom, quality family time, the ability to lead and inspire other women, and accomplish my goals!  

Several years back, when the opportunity presented itself, I chose to leave the corporate industry and run after my heart's desire. I knew I could help others be more productive with their time and overcome the obstacles they faced. I didn't let the fears or what others thought of me hold me back. So, I took my skill sets and applied them to Clear and Hear: Clear the Noise and Hear the Vision. ‘Clearing the noise and hearing the vision’ is a juxtaposition that describes the need to clear the noise in our heads and around us. "Noise" can come as clutter, distractions, perfectionism, procrastination, confusion, or negativity from others. 

But, once that noise is gone from your head, you can hear the beat of your heart! You can see the vision you had for yourself and your space. If done consistently, you will arrive at the true desires of your heart and draw closer to the things you value the most!

​Each individual and every business is unique. There is no 'one template' that fits all. We all have different reasons for how we arrived at our situation. We also have different learning styles and organizing systems. A trusting and confidential relationship is vital between the organizer and the client. I can guarantee that. 

​I am confident I can assist you in reaching your goals. I look forward to speaking to you!


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Tel. 917-355-2904

Servicing the Tri-State Region
Long Island,
New Jersey, and
Staten Island

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