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I am so glad you are here!


I know what it feels like to be labeled as someone “who can never change,” “never completes what they start,” or is “not good enough!”


I'm here to tell you, that is a lie! You CAN find order, peace, and purpose in your life. 

  • You CAN change! 

  • You CAN learn new skills! 

  • You CAN achieve your goals!

  • You CAN be productive and effective!


If you want to change your physical environment and mental state, I can help you. We will work together to identify and eliminate time distractors. We will declutter, purge, organize and create systems that will be long-lasting so that you can run after your goals and dreams. It’s time to clear the noise and look deep into your heart! Get back the vision you had for yourself and your space! 

With Clear and Hear, you will learn the skill sets that you need to bring balance to your personal and business life, so you can focus on what matters to you the most!


Sangita Evans,

Clear the noise and hear the vision.


Professional Organizer & Owner,

Clear and Hear

Cell: 917-355-2904


Member | National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals | 2016 – 2023

Member | Professional Organizers of Long Island  | 2016 – 2023

Director of Membership | Faithful Organizers | 2020 – 2023

Director of Education | Faithful Organizers | 2017 – 2020

Coordinator of Facebook Membership | Faithful Organizers | 2023

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