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About Me

I am a busy Christian mom of two amazing boys (23yr and 8yr olds); wife of an incredible man; as well as, an entrepreneur.  For over 25+ years, I worked in the corporate medical business with ever-increasing responsibilities.  I've learned to increase productivity, work more efficiently and improve business processes.  Over time I realized I had spent most of my life seeking order, peace and purpose. As I was thrown into various difficult challenges of my life, I've learned to come out from under them with strength and developed skill sets that allowed me to have financial freedom, quality family time and accomplish my goals!  

Few years ago, as I left the corporate industry and ran after my heart's desires, I took these skill sets and applied them to my organizing business, Clear and Hear. I was able to apply my passion for decluttering, organizing   and streamlining processes. I was trained, mentored and continue to be educated by top, leading organizing gurus in and out of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. I am the Education and Devotion Director for Faithful Organizers, as well as, a member of NAPO and my local chapter, Professional Organizers of Long Island.

Each individual and every business is quite unique. A very trusting and confidential relationship is vital between the organizer and the client. That I can guarantee.  

Clear and Hear focuses on clearing the noise and hearing the vision.  A juxtaposition that describes the need to clear the noise that lingers over us, in our heads and around us. It comes as clutter, distractions, impossible to-do lists, anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination or just confusion. I can help you identify these roadblocks and help you have clarity in both your personal and business lives.  Then you will be able to hear the desires of your heart, what you envision for your space, your life and draw closer to the things you value the most!

​If I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

Sangita Evans,

Owner of Clear and Hear,

Education and Devotion Director of Faithful Organizers,

Member of National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals,

​Member of Professional Organizers of Long Island.